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History of the VISAA

On April 17, 1997, independent school conference commissioners and state championship directors were invited to attend an exploratory meeting  concerning the formation of a state association to govern independent school athletics.  In response to this request, Dick Kemper (St. Christopher's School) developed a constitution for the Association that would serve as the basis for a discussion at a meeting held on December 15, 1997. Bob Moore (Virginia Episcopal School) and Dick Kemper met to discuss the Constitution and generated an informational letter.

On January 14, 1998 the letter was sent to those that showed an interest in participating in the discussion.  The letter contained the following proposals:
  • two options for the name of the association
  • a mission statement for discussion
  • Proposed structure for representation
  • Classification for Divisions: (Division I enrollment under 100; Division II: enrollment  from 101-200: Division III: enrollment 201 and above
  • Executive Committee formation
  • Meetings of the Executive committee 
  • Duties of the Executive Committee 
  • Committees of the association 
  • Revenue for the association
On February 4, 1998 an inaugural meeting was held at St. Christopher's School in Richmond, Virginia to discuss the items proposed.  Though a snow storm across the state limited attendance, the following individuals were able to attend this meeting:
  • Dick Kemper (St. Christopher's School)
  • Bob Moore (Virginia Episcopal School)
  • Karen Doxey (Collegiate School)
  • Ron White and Eddie Bailey (Greenbrier Christian Academy)
  • Max Gillespie (Hampton Roads Academy)
  • Betty Jean Riddick and Randy Davis (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy),
  • Butch Keller (Huguenot Academy)
  • Donna Satterwhite (North Cross School)
  • Ed McFarlene (Blue Ridge School)
  • Winn Palmer (Flint Hill School)
  • Frank Thomas (Hargrave Military Academy)
  • Dave Trickler (Norfolk Academy)
  • Doug Tarring (St. Anne's-Belfield School)
After some small group discussion on the proposed name, mission statement, and structure of the association, the groups reassembled to discuss their findings.
This was the birth of the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA).  The working group drafted a mission statement, and assigned further action steps.  The minutes from the February 4th meeting were sent to all heads of school and their athletic directors. Bob Moore and Dick Kemper also drafted a survey to be sent to all independent schools on February 10, 1998.  Randy Davis was invited to be the Chairman of the Competition Committee. The second meeting of the Association was held on April 22, 1998 where the results of the survey were discussed.
Dick Kemper worked with David Owens of the Law Office of Sands, Anderson, Marks, and Miller to draft the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws for the Association in January of 1999.  These articles were discussed and changes made based on input from the initial committee and other independent school officials.  The State Corporation Commission issued a Certificate of Incorporation to the VISAA in October of 1999.
In November of 1999 a meeting was held to discuss the new Association's mission, the Articles of Incorporation; membership and governance; dues structure (based on yearly dues for state championship events); regional representatives; and a timeline for action steps for the remainder of 1999 and 2000.
On August 9, 2001, the VISAA opened an account with the Bank of Richmond. On August 16, 2001, the first Membership letter for the formation of the Association was sent to each independent school in the Commonwealth. On August 17, 2001, the Registered Officer/Agent was changed from John Conrad of Sands Anderson ETL to Richard H. Kemper Jr.
On October 1, 2001 the Association signed an agreement with Mark Dalton of Commonwealth Accounting Services, LLC to handle all accounting matters of the VISAA.