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Hot Weather Guidelines

Heat & Hydration

Heat illness and injury can range from a simple muscle cramp to life-threatening heat stroke. Catastrophic heat injuries are preventable.  The most important components in preventing heat injury are the prevention of dehydration and limiting activity when temperature and humidity make it near impossible for the body to cool through the evaporation of sweat.

The VISAA Heat Guidelines provide participation recommendations based on three assessment recommendations: WBGT, WBT, and Heat index. The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is the recommended method for assessing environmental conditions and should be used to determine the nature of any modifications. The WBGT takes into account ambient air temperature, relative humidity, and radiant heating from the sun and is utilized extensively in athletics and the US military to modify activity when conditions warrant. While WBGT is preferred, Heat Index can be utilized should WBGT be unavailable.

Following is a list of resources related to heat and hydration.  This is important information for coaches in all sports.

VISAA Extreme Weather Guidelines
VHSL Heat Guidelines
NATA Heat Illness Handout
Healthy Hydration for Youth Athletes (2018)
KSI Heat Stroke Treatment Recommendations
OSSA Heat Index Calculator